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Brothers Ramen

Who are we?

Started from a coffeeshop stall in Tanjong Pagar Plaza in 2010. The 2 CAI brothers, Weili & Weisheng have moved to a small ramen restaurant in International Plaza in 2015.

B R O T H E R S R A M E N is fuelled with a strong passion for ramen. They aim to bring a more localised flavour ramen dining scene to the customers in Singapore.

They called their ramen the R A M E N F R O M O U R H E A R T.

The Heart of the ramen.
BROTHERS RAMEN ORIGINAL SOUP BASE is meticulously prepared using selected ingredients like pork, chicken, fish and vegetables.
Our secret recipe has been improved and refined over the years.

The Body of the ramen.
BROTHERS RAMEN’s homemade medium thicked noodles offer a springy texture.
Our noodles are cooked to al dente, allowing diners to experience the texture with every bite.

The Soul of the ramen.
BROTHERS RAMEN’s visually enticing toppings are prepared using modern and traditional cooking techniques.
Allowing diners to experience the difference in texture of the meat from different techniques.